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Hell’s Gate Inn, my first EP, out on May 16!

Here’s where the inspiration came from.


In the summer of 2022, Sophie and I explored the enchanting landscape of eastern Canada, adorned with abundant scattered islands. The summer trip ended by visiting a special one. We had the chance to go to a remote area of Quebec called Madeleine Island, a lovely community that thrives on fishing and sightseeing. Upon reaching the archipelago, there was an isolated island with a handful of modest dwellings, yet peaceful but evoked a mysterious sensation. Intrigued, we embarked on a boat excursion heading towards this secluded place.

The captain took us directly to an ancient cave which looked like nothing at first but sparked my inspiration to craft this tale. A few hundred years ago, fishermen discovered this cave and were driven by curiosity. Never returning, numerous ventured inside only to become lost in the darkness, leading the community to name the mysterious den; Hell’s Gate.

Empowered by my flourishing imagination, I established that this gate was a doorway to something bigger, unique and unrestrained. And behold, there stood the story of Hell’s Gate Inn. An immersive world where the usual converges with the unusual and the traditional encounters the peculiar. A universe where everything above our expectations is possible. This secret dreamatorium would soften your troubles like a refreshing beverage flushed down the dark hole of your worries.

In Hell’s Gate Inn, the presence of the extraordinary at our fingertips pushes us, as humans, to rise above the limitations of the ordinary. It calls for greatness while leaving the rest at the doorstep, wondering why it can never attain such heights.

WELCOME TO HELL’S GATE INN – A place where reality fades and dreams come to life.

Always grateful to grow alongside you, Josh Rags

A Hardworking And Talented Musician Who Embraces The Freedom Of A Nomadic Lifestyle.