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A deep narratives, enchanting melodies and a unique exploration of the banjo

Born from the depths of influences like Amigo the devil, tom waits and cab calloway, Josh & the dirty rags blend deep narratives with enchanting melodies, exploring the banjo in a unique way. This isn't your typical folk music; it's a mysterious journey, a passage into darkness and an invitation to explore the unknown.

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Our Journey

April 14, 2024

Where does Hell’s Gate Inn come from ?

Hell's Gate Inn, my first EP, out on May 16! Here's where the inspiration came from.   In the summer of 2022, Sophie and I explored the enchanting landscape of…
March 20, 2024

Off-grid in Death Valley National Park

The scenery was breathtaking! Why not take a break of writing about my anxiety-driven mind and tell you about our little trip to Death Valley?   Couple weeks ago, Sophie…
January 16, 2024

Hello World!

Welcome Raggers to our cozy nest! Never in my wildest dreams did the idea of having an official website crossed my mind. Seeing my name with a dot com beside…